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Oral Glucose

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Oral glucose

If you have diabetes, keeping oral glucose on hand can help you raise your blood sugar levels when they become too low. Oral glucose tablets as well as gels can come in different flavors to make using them easier. There is even glucose spray which, like gel, is absorbed in your mouth to give you energy and raise your glucose levels quickly. Choose your oral glucose form and flavor from Glucose Rapid Spray and more here at

Diabetes care

Managing your diabetes by checking your blood sugar regularly can help you avoid having to take oral glucose. Diabetes supplies such as blood glucose monitors can help you manage your diabetes. You can also keep your home medical kit stocked with diabetes blood testing strips and diabetic lancets. For added convenience, you can get all of your supplies in one package with a glucose monitoring system. diabetes supplies travel cases are also available so you can stay prepared and organized anywhere.

Staying healthy

Eating a healthy diet is an important part of managing diabetes. While you may not get all the nourishment you need from your diet, you can get help in the form of diabetic vitamins and diabetes health packs that contain multiple vitamins and minerals. The complex carbohydrates found in diabetic nutrition supplements help prevent blood sugar spikes by being absorbed and digested slowly. You can even keep your feet comfortable and healthy with diabetic socks and foot creams that can help relieve leg fatigue.

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