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Pink nail colors

Pink nail colors represent a wide range of fashion styles for any occasion. Regardless of your approach to wearing this color on your nails, there are a couple different ways to incorporate this nail color. Walgreens carries many popular nail polish brands like Kiss, Sally Hansen and Essie.

Nail polish

You can paint your fingernails and toenails with pink nail polish. This color is one of the three classic nail polish colors, along with red and brown. You can also combine pink nail coloring with other nail colors. Black polish and white polish both look good with pink polish, or you can create your own nail art using nail stickers or nail gems on top of your pink nails. Apply a base coat before applying the top coat, no matter the color.

Pink cosmetics

To maximize the effect of your pink polish, pair it with other pink cosmetics. Swipe a bit of eye shadow on your eyelids and brush some pink blush on your cheeks. A coating of lipstick that matches your nail color is another nice touch, or you can simply dab some clear lip gloss on your lips to emphasize their natural pink color.