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Plastic Dental Picks

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Plastic dental picks

After meals or at any time, you can remove food debris and buildup with plastic dental picks. There are flossers that can comfortably clean between teeth, as well as toothpicks that are made with small brush tips to effectively remove plaque. Choose a plastic dental pick from brands DenTek, Gum and more here at

Options for flossing

For your home flossing routine, you can try a power flosser with replaceable tips that come in mint and whitening varieties. There are also water flossers that utilize water pressure to clean many areas of the mouth. These methods can be more effective than string flossing as well as more comfortable. There are even easy-to-use cordless water flossers that come with a charging station.

Toothbrushes and more

There is also a selection of toothbrushes, powered toothbrushes and replacement heads available here. Choose your toothpaste and mouthwash from our large selection to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. There is also toothpaste for kids and brushes that can make dental hygiene fun.

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