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The Post-It line of products from 3M includes a wide variety of different items to help you keep notes handy and organized in the home or at the office. These useful products include page markers, note pads and more to serve as a reminder of important details you don't want to forget.

Sticky notes

Of the many Post-It product lines available, sticky notes are the most well-known. These small note pads come in different sizes and colors, including plain white and an assorted pack of bright shades. Post-It note pads have a sticky strip on one side that lets you attach jotted notes anywhere you need to. Post-It also makes colorful page markers that you can place in a book, catalog, or magazine and write notes on for future reference. The company also makes note tabs for use in binders, planners, file folders, and notebooks as well as a label roll for use on books, binders, or shelves.

Home and office organization options

In addition to Post-It notes, also carries many other products to help keep your home and office organized. Many people stock up on notebooks, pens, printer paper, memo pads, and steno books when purchasing supplies for a small office or home office. Using Post-It products in conjunction with these other office supplies can make project management simpler and more convenient. These small note pads, page markers, and other products are ideal for students, small business owners, busy employees, and more.

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