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Protective Briefs

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Protective briefs

If you or a patient is dealing with incontinence, using protective briefs can help manage the issue. There are a range of protective underwear and panty options available, from typical incontinence briefs to those that look like regular underwear in different colors and patterns. Some protective briefs are unisex, while others are designed specifically for men or women. Shop for incontinence products from brands such as Tena, Depend and Humanicare here at

Practical peace of mind

Some protective briefs have pouches for inserting removable pads, while others are fully disposable. Many protective incontinence briefs have sides that tear away for easier removal. There are different sizes available so you can find incontinence underwear that fits comfortably, and you can choose the quantity that will meet your needs. Look for features that include soft and comfortable leg and waistbands, as well as absorbency level.

Incontinence care

We carry a range of products that can help you manage incontinence, including pads and liners, bedding protection and bedpans and urinals. You can also stock up on cloths and wipes and cleaners, creams and lotions for healthy hygiene. No rinse skin cleansers can be especially useful if your patient is bed-ridden. Personal cleansing cloths are easy to take with when you travel or are out visiting. Moisture barrier creams help protect skin from chafing and irritation.

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