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Whether you're looking for cleansing scrubs, or the kind of scrubs you wear as a professional medical uniform, you'll find them both here at Our assortment of medical scrubs includes a range of colors, sizes and styles. We carry scrub tops, pants, jackets and lab coats. Some styles are available in unisex only and others offer ladies' styles for a better fit. Find a color or pattern you like and the features that meet your needs among the scrubs made by St. Ives and Neutrogena.

Scrubs for your skin

If you're looking for a body or facial scrub, shop the selection of beauty scrubs available from brands such as Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Olay. Some acne scrubs work to minimize pores and get rid of excess oil. Body scrubs can exfoliate your skin to refresh and rejuvenate its appearance. There are men's scrubs and gentle scrubs for sensitive skin.

Household scrubs

We also carry household scrubs to help you keep your home clean. There are cleaning scrubs for tubs and some tiled surfaces. You can also find scrub sponges and scrub brushes for some cookware or surface cleaning.

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