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TIGI S-Factor

Care for your hair with TIGI S-Factor products that can help it look vibrant and shiny. You can choose from this entire line of hair care products to find what you need for cleansing, conditioning and styling your hair. To create the look that you want, browse several TIGI S-Factor shampoos, conditioners, sprays and serums. Select your TIGI S factor favorites based on the style you love to wear and on your hair type.

Cleansing and conditioning your hair

Start your hair care routine each day with a TIGI S-Factor shampoo. There are gentle daily shampoos, as well as luxurious diamond dreams shampoo and sleek smoothing shampoo. Follow up with a coordinating daily conditioner, diamond dreams conditioner or smoothing conditioner. S-Factor also offers a serious conditioner thats a leave-in treatment to help smooth hair and minimize split ends.

Shiny and smooth styles

When you're ready to style, try using an S-Factor leave-in moisture spray to keep hair vibrant and sleek. A lusterizer can protect from frizz, as can a moisture serum and a hair spray that resists humidity. If you use a flat iron to create your straight look, try an S factor flat iron spray to help retain your hairs moisture, protect your hair from heat and hold your style.