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Twin Blade Razors

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Twin-blade razors

Take your pick of twin-blade razors from our selection here at There are packages with different quantities available, and you can choose the color you prefer. Twin-blade razors are available for both men and women, and there are sensitive skin razors for each as well. Find disposable dual blade razors here from Bic and Schick.

Comfortable shaving

Choose a twin blade razor that has a comfortable, non-slip grip for easy maneuvering. A dual blade shaver with a pivoting head can provide an even closer shave. Some disposable razors have lubricating strips to help condition your skin. You can also find twin razors with coated blades to help protect your skin from drag and irritation.

Caring for your skin

You can find pre and post shave skin care products to help keep your skin soft and smooth. Prepare your skin prior to shaving with a shaving gels or cream. After shaving, men can select shaving lotions or aftershave to help restore their skin. Women can choose from various lotions and moisturizers to help hydrate their skin. There are also razor bump treatments available for both men and women if extra care is needed.

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