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Unisex medical lab coats

Comfortable and functional, unisex medical lab coats come in various colors and sizes here at Walgreens.com. Complete your medical uniform with a unisex lab coat that has pockets for pens, pads and other tools of the trade. Choose from lab coats in either staff length or knee length depending on the amount of coverage you prefer. You'll find both lengths of unisex medical lab coats from Medline in white, light blue and navy here at Walgreens.com.

Fit and function

Our patient care department includes medical uniforms such as scrub pants, tops and coats so you can look professional and be comfortable. Many medical scrubs are unisex, but there are also ladies' scrub tops that offer a more custom fit for women and can feature seasonal or fun prints in different colors. These scrub tops also often have adjustable necklines for comfort and modesty. Other options for women include printed scrub tops with pockets and button closures. Because most unisex scrub pants have drawstrings, you can adjust your fit to stay comfortable on the job.

Caring for your patients

There are also many home medical supplies and equipment to help you take the best care of your patients. From wound care to cleansing and other post-surgery and assistance aids, browse our entire home medical department to keep your patients comfortable and your job a little easier.