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Wax Strips

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Wax strips

You can save lots of time and money by using wax strips to remove unwanted hair from your body rather than going to the spa. You can use them to remove hair from your face, underarms and legs. But unlike traditional wax treatments, these waxing strips do not require any external heat source to grip your hair. Simply apply the wax strips in the direction of hair growth, press them over the body parts from where you want to remove the hair, and then rip them off quickly in the opposite direction for safe, easy hair removal.

Facial wax strips

You can easily remove your facial hair by using face wax kits. The main sites of facial waxing include eyebrows, upper lip, sideburns and chin. Face wax strips rip the hair out at the root and hair will typically require more time to grow back. Just press the wax strips over the undesired hair, wait for a few moments, and then pull off to remove the hair.

Wax Strips for sensitive areas

Bikini wax strips are commonly used to remove hair from sensitive areas of the body. Bikini wax strips do not require any heating or spreading. Simply apply these waxing strips on the area to get rid of the unnecessary hair. Leg waxing strips are made to remove hair from your legs for a long duration of time, so that you do not have to shave them often. You can easily make your legs look more beautiful at home by using these leg waxing strips. Regularly use the wax strips to keep your legs smooth and free of hair.

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