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Wide ruled notebooks

The generously spaced lines on the pages inside wide ruled notebooks give you a little extra room to write and to read your own notes. You can choose different notebook colors for separate subjects or tasks, and decide whether you'd like a spiral notebook or a bound notebook. Also determine the number of sheets you need before selecting your wide ruled notebook from Penway or Mead.

Organizing your notes

If you'd like to keep your wide ruled notebook inside a 3 ring binder, you have a choice between paper in bright, bold colors or classic white. For additional organization, choose a wide ruled notebook that's divided into multiple subjects to keep topics separated.

For school or home use

You can also find paper, pens and other tools for school or home projects here at Walgreens.com. Our school and office supplies section includes different types of glue, permanent markers and poster board. Messenger bags and backpacks come in adult styles and children's designs to help carry everything you need. For art projects, browse our assortment of crayons, colored pencils, scissors and paints, brushes and kits. We even have construction paper and coloring books to keep little ones busy.