Yeast Infection Cures

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Yeast infection cures

If you're enduring the discomfort of a yeast infection, you may need something that can soothe and offer a yeast infection cure. Yeast infection treatments here at can come with wipes, suppositories, and creams that can help. To be certain you have a yeast infection, you can start with a yeast infection screening kit. Browse the range of options here from brands Monistat and Azo to find a yeast infection cure that works for you.

Relief for symptoms and more

An ideal yeast infection cure includes something that can soothe the burning. Choose vaginal anti-itch creams that can help, as well as treat itch. Feminine wipes for yeast infections can help cleanse and freshen as they cool and soothe. Yeast infection suppositories treat the infection, while these wipes and creams help relieve your symptoms.

More feminine care solutions

We also carry a variety of options for your other feminine needs here at Cleanse and stay fresh with feminine wipes, cleansing cloths and freshness washes. For the different days and needs throughout your period, choose from a variety of tampons, pantiliners and maxi pads. And for help getting through your period with less discomfort and stress, choose from menstrual relief and PMS treatment.