Accessories and Clothing

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Accessories and Clothing at Walgreens

When it comes to fashion, every detail matters--from what you put on before your clothing to what you use to accessorize your ensembles. Fortunately, being perfectly dressed for every occasion is as simple as stocking up on accessories and clothing from Walgreens. We have the undergarments, hosiery and accessories you need for the office, casual outings and lazy days at home all available for easy shopping.

The Right Undergarments for Every Outfit

What you put on before your garments helps to determine how your clothing looks and how comfortable you feel throughout the day.

  • We carry underwear for men and women in a wide range of sizes and styles to give you the perfect amount of coverage.
  • For women, we also stock a diverse selection of bras designed to provide optimal support.
  • Body shaping and enhancing undergarments are also available to help sculpt and contour your figure, so that you can feel confident throughout the day or night.

No matter what's on your agenda, you can get things off to the right start with undergarments from Walgreens.

Cover Your Legs and Feet in the Perfect Style

Walgreens is your one-stop shop for bottoms, hosiery and accessories that make for happy legs and feet.

  • Get more mix and match variety in your wardrobe with shorts, capri pants, sweatpants, leggings and other bottoms for men and women.
  • Ladies can also choose from a wide range of hosiery options from knee-highs for trousers to thigh-highs, pantyhose and tights to wear with skirts and dresses.
  • With socks in a range of sizes, fabrics and colors, we offer options to suit every season and complete every ensemble.
  • You can even shop for slippers to keep your toes warm on chilly days at home.

Stylish Finishing Touches for Your Ensembles

Accessories turn clothing into finished ensembles, and finding the right pieces to complete your favorite garments is easy when you shop at Walgreens.

  • Our selection of jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins and other pieces that add interest to casual, work and special occasion attire.
  • Track the hours in style with new watches for men and women, or stock up on batteries to keep your timepiece collection running smoothly.
  • We also carry jewelry boxes and storage containers to keep your accessories neatly organized at home and when you're traveling.
  • On sunny days, you can protect your eyes and make stylish fashion statements with sunglasses for the whole family.

Solve Fashion Emergencies Fast

Ever put on a garment only to find out that it doesn't fit properly or leaves little to the imagination? With the right solutions for clothing problems, you can show off that particular problematic piece with confidence. You can find innovative products for a wide range of fashion concerns from adhesives and tapes that hold straps and bodices in place to cover-ups that address sheerness. Some of these solutions even come in handy carrying cases, making it easy to take them with you on the go so that you're prepared for any type of fashion emergency or wardrobe malfunction.