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Success Story: Wade Johnson

No Obstacles to Opportunity


Wade Johnson was born partially deaf. He joined Walgreens in 1991 and gradually, his hearing diminished after suffering attacks of vertigo. Years later, he completely lost his hearing. Despite these obstacles, he gained confidence in himself and respect from his peers as he built his entire career while deaf.

He went from a part-time clerk to assistant manager in three months. Johnson was promoted to store manager in Oregon in 1998.

"Walgreens gave me an opportunity," he says. "My managers were always supportive of me and saw my potential. I always had the willpower. I don't let the disability affect me in any way."

Johnson has a cochlear implant and sometimes uses sign language to help deaf customers. Even his staff has learned basic sign language to say "good morning," "thank you" and "medicine."

Diversity Works Here

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