Product Integrity

Walgreens has a long history of action involving product safety and working to ensure that our owned-brand products meet federal, state, and local safety regulations and guidelines. We have stringent requirements and proactively work with our vendors to ensure the quality and safety of the products we offer for sale. An example of this approach, completed nearly 15 years ago, was our proactive removal of traditional mercury thermometers.

Chemical Sustainability Program

At Walgreens, we recognize that many of our customers are concerned about the chemical ingredients of the products they buy and bring into their homes. We have long believed that we have a social responsibility to identify and address areas of opportunity for improving product safety, integrity and transparency.

One important initiative was our introduction of an entirely new product line called Ology. The Ology brand features a variety of household and personal care products that are free of chemicals of concern. We are proud that Ology is the first retailer brand offered nationally that is formulated to be free of chemicals of concern.

Additionally, Walgreens introduced another product line, Well Beginnings, featuring a broad range of newborn, infant and toddler products, that is free of parabens, phthalates, quaternium 15 and similar formaldehyde donor preservatives.

We understand that it is critical to continue our work with the vendor and retail community to address product ingredients and we recently initiated organizational changes that identify this as a key component of our company's broader corporate social responsibility program. We are in the process of developing a Chemical Sustainability Program, which we anticipate announcing in the coming months. We are leveraging the expertise that our colleagues at U.K. retailer Boots can provide as pioneers in retailing, manufacturing and chemical sustainability. We also are working with multiple external parties including laboratories, NGO's, and other retailers to improve the transparency of product ingredients and chemicals of concern.

Current efforts and future initiatives represent a long-term commitment by Walgreens and our vendors. Together, we aim to ensure our programs address the needs and concerns of our customers. Our journey involves many steps, but it is one we are committed to lead.