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Future Pharmacist: Melissa Olson

Impacting the Field of Pharmacy

Melissa Olson
Melissa Olson

PharmD Candidate 2012 at South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy

How do you think you will impact the future of pharmacy?

I am passionate about getting people involved in and educated about their care. If it's learning a new language, researching another culture or taking the time to sit down and talk, I am always looking for ways to better communicate care.

Why is diversity so important to the field of pharmacy?

Everyone has their own ideas about health care, and unless we understand these ideas, we will never be able to provide them with what they need. Each of us has the opportunity to take the time to listen carefully and tailor therapy to each patient.

What role does diversity play in community pharmacy?

Being in a community pharmacy setting drives home the realization that not every patient is the same. Taking time to find out what each person needs pays off -- in patient satisfaction and in their health.