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Lessons Learned

Recognizing Ability

Recognizing Ability

Walgreens is eager to share what it's learned about disability inclusion in the workplace with other businesses.

"We originally went into this project wanting to change the work environment," said Walgreens senior vice president of supply chain and logistic Randy Lewis, "but soon discovered we were the ones who changed in dramatic and wonderful ways."

One doesn't need an expert to do this, just some faith and strong partners who believe in the goal. Some of the best lessons came from the experience of managing and working in a respectful, inclusive workplace that continues to hold high expectations for team members with or without a disability.

With so many stereotypes and portrayals about people with disabilities, Walgreens management decided to use education to dispel the myths. Through training and experiential opportunities for its management team, the company showed that people with disabilities can be successful in highly competitive environments.

USBLN: Business Leadership Network - Disability at Work

Advancing Inclusion Strategy

Walgreens is a member of the U.S. Business Leadership Network. It's the only national business organization currently using a "business to business" strategy to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, marketplace and supplier chain. Read more about how they work with more than 60 business affiliates to promote ability.