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Cardiology stethoscopes

When you're taking care of a heart patient choose a cardiology stethoscope that has the specifications to simplify your job while ensuring accuracy. These specific stethoscopes are available in different models with varied features and you can pick the color you prefer. You can also find dual head stethoscopes, pediatric stethoscopes and stethoscopes for nurses here. Choose your cardiology stethoscope from the selection of Littmann models here at Walgreens.com

Look, feel and functionality

If you're listening in order to detect irregularities or problems in the heart, you want a cardiology stethoscope that is highly functional as well as comfortable to use 00 for both you and the patient. Some stethoscopes for the heart use rubber and a special tube design to minimize excess noise. Tunable diaphragms can allow you to hear both high and low frequencies without having to flip the chestpiece over. For patient comfort, there are "no-chill" chestpieces. For your comfort, some models of stethoscopes have angled, anatomically correct headsets and acoustic seal ear tips.

A passion for patient care

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