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Diabetes nutrition

A healthy diet is an important component of diabetes management. You can help get the nutrients you need such as fiber, protein and other vitamins from diabetes nutrition products. These nutrition supplements can help give you peace of mind, since you know they are made specifically for diabetics. The complex carbohydrates in many diabetes nutrition options are slowly digested to help prevent blood sugar highs and lows. Choose a snack bar, cereal, shake or fiber powder from brands Glucerna, Resource and Boost.

Flavors and options

If you prefer a diabetic drink, you can choose between vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors. These shakes come in different serving sizes in both cans and bottles. For a healthy, convenient snack, try diabetic snack bars. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast can help keep you energized, and diabetic cereals can help prevent blood sugar spikes. If you need extra fiber or protein, there are tasteless powders that you can mix in with food and drink, as well as fiber tablets in different flavors.

Diabetes management

A broader range of diabetic supplies is here at Walgreens.com to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by managing your blood glucose levels. We carry many different blood glucose monitors, and you can also browse test strips and lancets to find the ones that are compatible for use with your diabetes monitor. There are even convenient glucose monitoring kits that have everything you need for monitoring in one package. Travel cases can help you keep your supplies organized on the go. For daily comfort and health, you can try diabetic socks and foot creams to help promote circulation and prevent leg fatigue.