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Pamper your hair with the Fekkai line of hair care products for manageable hair that shines. There are products available for all types of hair to tame even the most difficult tresses. Fekkai makes shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products.


The Fekkai line of shampoos offers a solution for almost every hair problem. If your locks look dull and distressed, try one of the glossing shampoos to restore shine. These shampoos contain olive oil to add luster to your hair during shampooing. Use a shea butter shampoo to revive dry and damaged tresses with intensive moisturizing. These rich and creamy shampoos hydrate and cleanse hair with shea butter and sweet almond protein. If your hair is limp and lifeless, add volume with one of the Fekkai full volume shampoos. These shampoos contain botanicals and proteins that clean without weighing hair down. Color-treated hair will benefit from the moisturizing ingredients in the Fekkai Color Care shampoos. They are designed to be gentle and to keep your color from fading while hydrating your hair to correct damage.

Fekkai conditioners and hair treatments

Fekkai offers conditioners designed for use with its shampoos. You will find products that are designed for your specific needs to keep your locks healthy and manageable with ease. If you need to repair damaged hair, try one of the hair creams or hair masks for intensive moisturizing. Use the Fekkai glossing cream for adding shine to your hair during styling. Apply frizz control polish to tame wild tresses, and use Fekkai mousse, hair mists and hairspray to style your hair. Fekkai also offers starter kits that contain multiple products designed for specific needs.

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