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Five Star Binders

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Five Star binders

Keep your schoolwork organized and easy to find in a Five Star binder. Different styles, colors and types of materials are among your options when you choose a binder to keep your important papers together. The different sizes of rings inside these 3 ring binders determine how much paper they can hold. You can also decide whether you want plastic covers or padded covers that close with a snap or zipper. Choose your Mead Five Star binder from our selection here at

Features for functionality

Choose the features that matter most to you from our selection of Mead binders. Five Star Flex binders have tech lock rings, come with paper and have note pockets to store loose paper. A Five Star All-in-one binder includes folders, index dividers, a pencil pouch and calculator. Mead's Five Star zipper binder has a handle for easy carrying, a 6-piece expanding file and interior pockets for secure storage.

Have you got all the basics?

If you're shopping for school supplies, check out the rest of the selection of the back-to-school basics that we carry. Pencils, pens, highlighters and markers are here, along with an assortment of backpacks and lunch bags and accessories. We also have calculators, scissors and rulers, tape and glue and notebook paper.

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