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Lab Coats

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Lab coats

Complete your medical uniform with your choice of lab coats that can protect your clothes. Here at, we carry both knee length and staff length lab coats to meet your preference and needs. You can find both lengths in sizes that range from small to XX-large. Choose the color, size and type of lab coat from Medline that best suits you.

Comfort and style

After you determine what type or length lab coat you need, you can choose between navy, white and light blue. Unisex medical lab coats offer the versatility that can make your daily tasks easier. You can stay organized by utilizing multiple pockets that allow you to carry what you need with you. With side slash openings, you can have easy access to your pants pockets. Wear your lab coat buttoned up in front or open for your comfort.

Patient care

We carry a wide range of equipment to help you take care of your patients. If you wear scrubs under your lab coat, browse our variety of scrub tops and pants. For monitoring and diagnostics, choose from an assortment of digital thermometers, stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers. There's also medical nutrition and incontinence products as well as post-surgical medical hosiery, mobility aids and more.

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