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Lightweight Stethoscopes

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746 items*
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Lightweight stethoscopes

If you're caring for a patient in a medical setting or loved one at home and need a lightweight stethoscope, we carry a variety to choose from. You can find the type you need -- dual head, cardiology or pediatric -- as well as pick your preferred color. For checking heart, lungs or blood pressure among other things, stethoscopes are available with anatomically correct headsets for a comfortable fit. Choose your lightweight stethoscope from popular brand Littmann.

Ease of use

Some lightweight stethoscopes have tunable diaphragms to hear both low and high frequencies without having to turn over the chestpiece. You may prefer more traditional dual head stethoscopes that have a separate diaphragm and bell to switch between to capture the different frequencies. If you're using the stethoscope in conjunction with a sphygmomanometer to check blood pressure, there are chestpieces that are molded to be easier to use with blood pressure cuffs. You can also find latex-free stethoscopes and those with "no-chill" chestpieces.

Necessities of patient care

In addition to lightweight stethoscopes we also carry cardiology stethoscopes, pediatric stethoscopes and stethoscopes for nurses. Our home medical area includes a patient care section with options for wound care, cleansing, equipment and scrubs. Lab coats and scrubs are a professional and comfortable wardrobe option when you're taking care of patients. You'll also find blood pressure monitors, thermometers, bed rails and over the bed tables among the equipment available. To simplify hygiene routines, there are no rinse shampoos and no rinse washcloths. Shop from the comfort of your home for home medical necessities.

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