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School Folders

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School folders

Whether you're a student or a teacher, you can keep your documents organized with classic school folders. Having folders in different colors can help you easily locate different subjects or categories. 2 pocket folders with prongs can hold papers securely, and there are pocket folders with 3 holes for storing inside a three ring binder. School folders from Corner Office, Oxford and Mead are available with unique designs and other features here at

For organization

After finding school folders that meet your needs, browse our other school supplies for more options to help you stay organized. Binders are helpful to store and separate notes on different topics, and some include zippers to hold everything in place. Choose from different thicknesses to fit various amounts of paper. You can fill your zippered binder or folder with notes you've taken in notebooks, or on note pads, legal pads or sticky notes.

Stock up for school

Also check out the pens and pencils that we carry in different types and colors. Mechanical pencils don't require sharpening, and no. 2 pencils are handy for standardized tests and more. There are also blue, red, and black pens in roller ball, gel ink and ball point varieties. For studying and other projects, browse our selection of highlighters and other markers such as dry erase markers.

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