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Stouffer's frozen meals offer delicious homemade taste in a fraction of the time that it would take to make a meal from scratch. The Stouffer's line of entrees features packaged meals that can be prepared for individual diners or an entire family. Well-known Stouffer's brands include Lean Cuisine and Signature Classics.

Heat-and-eat meals are delicious and convenient

Stouffer's frozen entrees are the ideal solution for the busy person. Pop an individual heat-and-eat meal in the microwave, and you can satisfy your hunger with a meal that tastes homemade in a matter of minutes. If you need to feed an entire family, Stouffer's Easy Express skillet dinner kits enable you to put a delicious meal on the table with no cutting, chopping, or seasoning required in less than 20 minutes. Stouffer's traditional frozen meals in family-sized portions can be prepared in the microwave, but the serving size will feed the whole family. Best of all, Stouffer's products are flash frozen to lock in nutrients and flavor without using any additional preservatives, so your meal will taste like you made it yourself from the freshest ingredients.

Frozen meals for dieters

Stouffer's Lean Cuisine line of frozen meals helps dieters control calories and portion size. The convenience of having menu options that can be ready in minutes and are specifically designed to help you reach your weight-loss goals is like having your own personal chef on call. Stouffer's easy meals feature popular side dishes, such as macaroni and cheese, classic all-in-one entrees, such as lasagna, and simple favorites, such as chicken an vegetables, so you always have a variety of tasty meal options.

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