Super Long Maxi Pads

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Super long maxi pads

Get the coverage you need to stay comfortable, dry and confident throughout your period by using super long maxi pads. Many long maxi pads come in super absorbencies to wick any moisture away from your skin. Super long maxi pads from Always, Stayfree and Kotex offer additional panty protection for your peace of mind during your period.

Comfort and confidence

When choosing a super long maxi pad, determine whether you'd like the added side protection that pads with wings offer. Some super long maxi pads also come in scented varieties for added freshness. Choose the absorbency you need for different days of your period. Super long maxi pads are available in different thicknesses, to meet your needs for comfort and coverage.

For your preferences and needs

You can find additional options for period protection here at We carry maxi pads in various thicknesses and absorbencies to keep you covered each day of your period. If you use tampons, you can find cardboard and plastic applicator tampons in light, regular, super and super plus. For extra protection during your period or at any time of the month, there are also pantiliners made with or without wings.