We're on your team
We're on your team

Walgreens can connect you with answers beyond chemotherapy medication.

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We can help coordinate chemotherapy care for most cancers

If you or someone you care for is receiving chemotherapy for cancer, your Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy Care Team can support you beyond medication. We will:

  • Manage all your medications and supplements
  • Protect against unintended medication interactions
  • Communicate with your doctors
  • Help you manage side effects
  • Give you tips to help you stay on your medication schedule
  • Provide financial assistance coordination
  • Fertility preservation medication, supplies and one-on-one support
  • Whether you’re looking for medication convenience, ways to better afford your medication, hoping to start a family someday, or simply want to look and feel your best during your chemotherapy treatment, Walgreens offers tools and resources to help.

To get started, call 888-782-8443.