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Android Pay at Walgreens

Checking out is even easier using Balance(R) Rewards with Android Pay.
Tap to earn. Tap to pay.
Walgreens and Android Pay

Tap to earn. Tap to pay.

Now you can tap your Balance Rewards card with Android Pay to ensure you're saving and earning points on all eligible purchases.

Here's how it works:

Add your Balance Rewards card to Android Pay.

At checkout:

  • Unlock your phone.
  • When prompted, tap this symbol Tap this symbol on the PIN pad to apply your Balance Rewards card.on the PIN pad to apply your Balance Rewards Card.
  • Tap again when prompted for payment.
Setup is simple.

Setup is simple.


Look for the Android Pay app on your phone, or download it from Google Play.


Add a credit or debit card.


Add your Balance Rewards card. It's as easy as taking a photo. Learn more.

See what people are saying about Android Pay:

Jeff Hensel Twitter bird


OMG. Android Pay worked so AWESOME at Walgreens. Started Android Pay app, touched the machine, heard the tone and DONE! #androidpay

Casey Salvador Twitter bird


Just used #AndroidPay for the first time at #Walgreens twas a great experience! #Android

Rob Carstons Twitter bird


Made a special trip to @Walgreens just to test #AndroidPay. Very cool.

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