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Apple Pay at Walgreens

Checking out is even easier with Balance(R) Rewards and Apple Pay(TM)

Easy to earn, easy to pay.

From the Walgreens App, add Balance Rewards to the Wallet app on iPhone® and you can check out in two simple steps:

1 Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader with your finger on TouchID to use Balance Rewards.

2 Do the same thing to pay with Apple Pay, and you're done.

Apple Pay

Your settings can make it even faster.

Within the Wallet app on iPhone, tap the info button under Balance Rewards and turn on the Automatic Selection setting on. Your phone will recognize you're in a Walgreens and automatically bring up your Balance Rewards card at checkout.

iPhone Walgreens App Settings

See what our customers are saying about Apple Pay.

Becca Franck @BeccaFranck Twitter logo

I just used #ApplePay for the first time ever at Walgreens, along with my Rewards Card. I didn't even get out my wallet. AMAZING.

Doug Hiltz @djhiltz Twitter logo

Finally got around to trying #ApplePay to make a purchase in store @Walgreens...impressed how quick and easy it is.

Beth Lipham @bethlipham Twitter logo

Love #ApplePay just used it @Walgreens #iPhone6Plus

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