Walgreens Mobile Messaging Terms & Conditions

Walgreen Co. ("Walgreens") offers access to pharmacy service, healthcare service, promotional, and other information via recurring SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Message Service), RCS (Rich Communication Service), and other mobile message alerts (collectively, "Messages"). By enrolling in a Walgreens messaging program ("Walgreens Messaging Program"), you agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use (which are hereby incorporated by this reference) and the following terms and conditions, which become effective upon your enrollment. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the Terms and Conditions of Use, the latter shall govern.

Enrollment in a Walgreens Messaging Program requires a customer to provide his or her own mobile number with an area code within the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. By providing your mobile phone number and enrolling in Walgreens Messaging Program, you certify that (i) you are the account holder and consent to enroll, or have the account holder's consent to enroll, and (ii) you are 18 or older. Each Walgreens Messaging Program is a subscription service. There is no charge from Walgreens for this service, but YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER'S MESSAGE AND DATA RATES MAY APPLY. Messages will be sent via automated technology and you have enrolled to receive automated Messages. Participation in the Walgreens Messaging Program is not required for purchase. Once you enroll, the frequency of Messages we send may vary and you may receive multiple Messages. These Messages may include, but are not limited to: notifications when an order (including a prescription order) is ready to pick up, delayed, ready for a refill, or when other products or services may interest you.

You agree that Messages may include protected health information about your prescriptions, including the name of your prescription. Whoever has access to the mobile phone or carrier account will also be able to see this information. You acknowledge and understand that Messages (including text messages) are not a secure means of communication, and any protected health information that may be contained in our Messages to you will not be encrypted. This means that there is risk that the protected health information contained in Messages could be intercepted and read by or disclosed to, unauthorized third parties. Use of alternative and more secure methods of communication with us, such as telephone, fax, or the U.S. Postal Service are available to you. If you do not wish to accept the risks associated with unencrypted Messages from us, please follow the instructions below to opt-out of this program.

You may opt out of text Messages at any time by texting STOP to 21525 or by visiting your communication preference page. For help, text HELP to 21525 or call your Walgreens Pharmacy to adjust your preferences. You may also adjust your Message preferences on Walgreens.com if you've created and linked your account.

Walgreens Messaging Programs are offered on an "as is" basis, may not be available in all areas at all times, and may not continue to work in the event of product, software, coverage or other service changes made by us or your wireless carrier. Walgreens may change or discontinue any of the Walgreens Messaging Programs without notice or liability to you. Walgreens and its related companies and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents are not responsible and shall not be liable for any losses or injuries of any kind resulting, directly or indirectly, related to any Walgreens Messaging Program or from technical failures or delays of any kind. Walgreens reserves the right to cease delivery of Messages to any person at any time in its sole discretion. Your participation in a Walgreens Messaging Program is at your sole discretion and risk, and if you are dissatisfied with a program, Message content, or these terms and conditions, you should opt-out and cease use of the program.